18. Appendix: TroubleshootingΒΆ

  • Tables not displayed properly, errors about missing information:
    Keep OTs, ODFs and pre-images in the same directory. Launch GMMPS from the same directory.
  • Strange Skycat errors / behaviour:
    Do not run GMMPS in the background if displaying it from a remote host. If the connection to the host fails, or other similar problems arise, then unusual errors occur in Skycat. It is safer/easier to just run the software in the foreground.
  • Objects not displayed after loading OT/ODF:
    Objects are plotted based on their RA/DEC. If they are not shown, then this can be caused by
    • the OT (ODF) not matching the pre-image

    • a conversion error somewhere along the way. For example, you fed RA in hour format but specified degrees in one of the IRAF tasks (e.g. when creating pseudo-images with gmskcreate).

  • Desired objects not included in mask/ODF:
    Go back to the OT and change the priorities, e.g. ignore more objects or give more unwanted objects lower priorities. Alternatively, increase the number of masks to be created from a single OT.