GMMPS 1.5.2: Documentation

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Jan 05, 2024

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GMMPS is Gemini’s mask making software. It supports the following multi-object spectrographs:

  • GMOS (optical, Gemini North and South)

  • F2 (near-infrared, Gemini South)



This documentation is partly based on previous texts written by Dione Scheltus and Bryan Miller.

GMMPS has been originally derived from the ESO/VIMOS Mask Preparation Software (VMMPS), after agreement with the European Southern Observatory. VMMPS was developed originally by Dario Bottini at the Istituto di Fisica Cosmica G.Occhialini - CNR, Italy. It has been modified by Jennifer Dunn, Craig Allen, Dustin Fennell, Bryan Miller, Mischa Schirmer, Michael Hoenig, and Joy Chavez to work with Gemini instrumentation.

Current GMMPS support: Bryan Miller, Joy Chavez